Hi there friends! Welcome to Mrs. Pine's Kindergarten Class!
Here are some things to talk about with your child and activities to do at home. 
Ask your child...
...to tell you about the kale we picked from our school garden.  
...about our lettuce that we planted in our school garden.  
...to tell you about our frogs and butterflies!  
...to tell you how he/she was an engineer.  
...to tell you what engineers do.  
...to tell you the attributes of an apple/pencil/juice box.  
...to tell you about blends and word families.  
 ...to explain the difference between 2-D and 3-D shapes. 
...to tell you the story about the "H" brothers. 
...to tell you the needs of a plant.    
...to tell you about the "Sneaky Silent e"!  
...to tell you about Earth's Materials. 
...to tell you about our beak experiment! (What tools were used for beaks and what objects were used for food.)  
...to explain to you what animals are herbivores, carnivores, omnivores, and why they are in that category!
...to tell you about our plant experiment! 
...to count by ones for you. See how high he/she can go!  
...to show you all of the subtraction strategies he/she knows.  
...to show you all of the addition strategies he/she knows.  
...to show you how he/she take turns reading a book, choral/copycat reads with his/her partner.  
...to tell you what spaghetti, meat balls, and garlic bread looks like in writing.  
...to read all of the POPCORN words!  
...to tell you what he/she did or something that happened. Then have him/her write about it!   
...to tell you how he/she writes the number 3, 4, 5... 
...to tell you how he/she writes the letter a, g, p, d... 
...to count some objects and show you how he/she proves the answer is correct. 
...to show you a "counting strategy".  
...who, what, and where do people read!   
...to tell you what he/she does when his/her story is finished.   
...to tell you the name of the author that he/she met!
... to explain to you how he/she can fill his/her bucket everyday.
...to show you the correct way to handle a book.
...to tell you the words we say when we write the letter "Mm" or "Aa".... 
...to tell you about "MAT Man"! 
...what he/she does on the SmartBoard every morning.  
...about the rules the class made. 
 ...to create a picture. Give him/her crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, paper, and magazines or circulars. Have him/her write their name, draw pictures, cut out pictures, and glue them on paper. 
...to do something for you. Give your child one-step directions to follow. Once your child can easily follow one step directions, give him/her two-step directions. 
...some questions. Build his/her vocabulary with everyday conversation. Discuss your daily routines, interesting experiences, and feelings. Listen to what he/she says and gently correct when necessary.
 ...to show you how he/she can button, zip, or snap things. 
...what book he/she wants to read with you. Visit the public library for story hour. Borrow books from the library to read together at home. 
I'm looking forward to another exciting year in Kindergarten!