Dear Springfield School Community,

I view my time with the Springfield Township School District with a tremendous sense of gratitude for the opportunity I have been provided; an opportunity to help continue a tradition of excellence in education and build upon the incredible foundation established by the Board of Education, staff, parents, and community.  Over the past few years the Springfield Township Elementary School has worked diligently to position itself at the forefront of best practices in curriculum and instruction.  With the support of the community and the work of a Board of Education committed to preserving a long-standing dedication to education, our district secured a referendum that will ensure we are able to maintain academic excellence in a safe, secure environment for many years to come.  As we continue to move forward, I remain excited to be a part of the many great things happening in Springfield.
The rich history of our school and its place at the heart of our community should be a source of pride for all members of Springfield Township; I hope that you will join me in taking pride in our school district and the many endeavors we undertake for our students.  As your superintendent, please know that I value feedback and insight that will help make our endeavors successful and our district stronger.
Craig Vaughn