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Dear Springfield School Community,


Hope you have been enjoying your summer!  Our Board of Education has voted to move to a committee of the whole structure. They have also voted to have a separate work session meeting every month in addition to the regularly scheduled meeting.

The public is welcome to attend both of these meetings each month.  We would like to let you know that the first meeting of the month, typically held on the second Tuesday, is going to be the work session. (However, for our first work session in July, we will have it on Thursday, July 10th.)  During the work session, the Board will prepare the agenda for the regular meeting. The Board will have an opportunity to discuss the agenda items, ask questions and review information regarding each agenda item.  This will occur at the work session meeting only. The Board will not take action during the work session.  In addition, all committee work will take place at the work session meeting with the full Board. 

At the regular meeting, the Board will take formal action and vote on items which have been discussed the previous week at the work session.


For our meeting dates please refer to the Board of Education tab on our website.


Hope to see you at a Board meeting in the future!


In education,


Edith Conroy & Christina Moskal