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Dear Springfield School Community,
Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year!  This is the most exciting time of the year to be an educator; a fresh start awaits all of us as our students return to Springfield with their new backpacks, a clean pair of sneakers, stories of an action-packed summer, and the enthusiasm to take on the challenges of their next grade level.  I'm eager to meet our students as they continue their educational journey here at Springfield while developing partnerships with parents and community members in support of this mission.  Together, our community of learners will achieve great things.
As a parent of three, I certainly recognize how hectic this time of the year can be (well, actually the whole year is hectic).  However, I encourage you to find calm amidst the chaos in order to enjoy these start-of-school moments with your children.  Take pictures, set goals, establish routines, read stories and, most of all, build a love of learning with your children that will carry them through the year.     
Best wishes for an amazing, fun-filled, engaging and productive school year.   
Thank you for visiting our district website and for your continued support of our educational endeavors.  
Craig Vaughn