Program Overview

This year we are learning about...

  • Reading
    Reading Workshop is a program that teaches skills and strategies that are necessary for all readers.  It gives students the time to read "just right" books to practice strategies and provides one-on-one and small group teaching.
    The components of Reading Workshop are: 
    -Mini-lessons: Teacher teaches a short lesson on a reading skill.
    -Independent Reading: Students practice the reading skill.
    -Share: Students share how they used the reading skill in their reading that day.
    Instruction will be differentiated during the independent reading portion of the workshop through reading conferences in which the teacher meets one-on-one with individual students to focus on specific needs.  In addition, the teacher will lead small guided reading groups that teach strategies to meet the needs of that group.
    Writing Workshop is a framework for writing instruction and practice in the classroom.
    The components of Writing Workshop are:
    -Mini Lessons
    -Independent Writing
    All students will have a Writer's Notebook which will act as their place to write constantly, to formulate ideas, and categorize their writing into pieces they are currently working on to those they are revising and publishing. It will also be a place to file ideas for better writing such as in grammar and mechanics.
    In science we will be studying three major topics:
    * Earth's Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth
    * Energy/Waves snd Information Transfer: (light, sound, water, electric)
    * Structure, Function and Information Processing
    Social Studies
    In fourth grade all students focus on our great state of New Jersey. Students will learn about its regions, history, symbols, animals and those that lived here in the past.