• Hello my name is Justin Schleider and I am the Physical Education and Health teacher at Springfield Elementary School.  I graduated from Rowan University where I attained a degree in Health and Exercise Science.  I received my masters degree in physical education as well as educational leadership from Emporia State University. 

    I have three children.  I have a little mini me that will be five in January.  My daughter will be turning 3 in September.  My newly born son is 1 year old!!  They are awesome little people that I will be bring around to Home and School events, Field Day, and other school activities.  If I look tired sometimes you now know the reason why!!!

    If anyone ever needs to contact me my email is the quickest way.  My email is jschleider@springfieldschool.org (Click on my email it is hyperlinked) I check it all the time.  If you would like you can call the office and they will connect you to my mailbox.  I only check my phone in the morning so if there is an emergency please tell the office and I will get back to you in a timely manner.


    Mr. Schleider (Mr. S.) 
    Check out my blog: www.slowchatpe.wordpress.com