• Reading Workshop

    • Mini-Lesson: The teacher introduces the teaching point for the students to carry over in their own reading.


    • Independent Reading: Students will have a varitey of books at an appropriate reading level to apply the skills and strategies that have been taught. Throughout the year, the students will build their stamina up to reading 30 minutes independently.


    • Guided Reading/Strategy Groups: Students will be pulled into small groups for specific instruction to progress them to the next reading level or taught strategies to help further thier understanding of reading skills.


    • Conferences: The teacher meets with each student individually to assess and instruct the reader on a specific teaching point to meet their needs.



    • Mini-Lesson- The teacher introduces the teaching point for writing.
    • Independent Writing- Student writes long and strong independently
    • Small Group Instruction- Teacher and students meet to discussion teaching points
    • Conferences- The teacher meets with the student one-on-one to discuss ways to improve and make writing better.



    • Daily Common Core Review- The teacher reviews previously taught lessons.
    • Interactive Learning Video- The teacher shows the video to help guide the students learning and teaching point for the day.
    • Guided Practice-The students complete a guided practice hands-on activity to learn the concept.
    • Independent practice and center activities- The students get an opportunity to work on the concept and complete problems to assess knowledge.


    Science and Social Studies

    • Most whole group activities and participation

    1. Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles

    2. Holidays Around The World

    3. American Heritage

    4. Living Things

    5. Map Skills

    6. Light and Sound