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    Strategic Action Planning


    In early 2014, the Springfield School District Administration, Board of Education Members, staff, parents and community members came together to initiate strategic planning. Together, we held three community meetings where we discussed our vision for the district, identified strengths and challenges and crafted goal statements. All of the work was completed in a consensus-building structure.

     One of the highlights of our sessions was during our second meeting, where we had 5th and 6th grade student representatives join us and share out district strengths and challenges that their classes had identified in their class discussions. 

    The work accomplished during strategic planning was used to create district goals and action plans to move the Springfield Township School District forward.

     On October 14th, 2014 the Springfield BOE officially adopted the 2014-19 Strategic Plan and year one goals based on the strategic plan.


    Thank you to all who participated in the strategic planning process.  It was a valuable experience for our district and we truly appreciate your time and dedication.