•  A Typical Day In Ms. McDonald's Kindergarten Class            
    program overview       Un-pack, attendance, lunch count, flag salute, patriotic song     
    Morning Meeting: a time to meet together and build a community within the classroom.  
    • Greeting
    • Sharing
    • Activity                                                         
    • Calendar Activities



    program overview

    Reader's Workshop:                                        

    •  The teacher provides mini-lessons each day to teach specific skills.
    •  Students are given time to practice skills during individual, partner and shared reading.
    •  Individual conferences take place to help students practice skills at their specific reading level.


    Guided Reading:

    • Students work in small groups at their reading level



     Word Study/ Phonemic Awareness:              

    • The study of letter sounds, word families, blends, rhyming, and popcorn words.


     Writer's Workshop:

    • The teacher provides mini-lessons each day to teach specific skills.
    • Students build their writing fluency each day through continuous exposure of the writing process. 
    • Individual conferencing occurs with the teacher to help students with their individual strengths and needs.
    • Student sharing occurs at the end of each Writer's Workshop session.

     Lunch/ Recess


     Math Workshop:

    • The teacher provides a mini-lesson.
    • Students work at centers practicing math skills that have been taught.
    • Students work with the teacher on the new skill taught.


     Social Studies:

    • All About Me
    • Friendships
    • Communities
    • Holidays


    • Interdependent Relationships Ecosystems: Animals, Plants and Their Ennvironment
    • Weather and Climate
    • Forces and Interactions: Pushes and Pulls

    Outdoor Play!