• Google Classroom is a digitally-based "classroom" in which announcements and assignments can be posted for students to access.  It is used in conjunction with notebooks and handwritten activities as well as supplements hands-on interactive activities performed in class.   

    Students are utilizing Google Classroom for many assignments and activities across the subject areas.  Below is a list of steps you can take to access their work and be able to see everything posted and returned to your children with feedback.   

    1. Have your child open Google Chrome browser and sign in with their Google account information.

    2.  Type classroom.google.com into the URL address bar.  There you will see all of the classrooms of which your child is a member.

    3.  Click on the classroom you are interested in viewing, and you can then access specific assignments and announcements included within that class.  Once you click on each assignment, you will see any grades that were given as well as comments/feedback that was provided from me.  

    4.  Students can resubmit assignments as well, and everything they complete in this classroom goes automatically into their Google Drive for storage.