3rd Grade Overview

     Third grade is a very exciting grade!  Our regular subjects include:  Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, Writing, and Words Their Way.   Science will involve many hands-on, exploratory experiments.  Meanwhile, we will be learning new math concepts and our multiplication facts.  In Social Studies we discuss land and regions, as well as principles of government. 


    Our English Language Arts program consists of:


         Readers' Workshop emphasizes the importance of student engagement and interaction between readers and on level books. It provides differentiated instruction in reading and focuses on the teaching of reading strategies.  The purpose of Readers' Workshop is to foster independence and encourage a love for reading.  

         Readers' and Writers' Workshop encompasses a teacher guided mini lesson, followed by guided and independent practice, individual conferences, and a closing.  Student’s progress will communicate progress through our online grading system, Genesis, and a standards based report card.

        Writers' Workshop focuses on the students gaining fluency in their writing, elaborating as they write, and modeling their writing after mentor authors.  Students will generate seed stories to then build into published writings. 

          Words Their Way is a differentiated word study in which students will sort and manipulate words on their own levels to further explore vocabulary and spelling.


    Weekly Homework 


          Teachers will model homework expectations with the students in class as well as help them with organization and task management using their new assignment books. Upcoming tests and important dates will also be written in the assignment book.  

        Weekly homework will be required for Readers' Workshop, Words Their Way(WTW), and Math.  Homework will be placed in your child's regular homework folder. This will include a reading log, stop and jot page, and eventually a writing long once a week. 


    Important Dates/Events


         Children in third grade will enjoy 3 field trips this year!  We will visit the Shop Rite of Lumberton, the Philadelphia Art Museum with Mr. Warner, and a fossil expedition at Poricy Park.   



                                                   Mrs. Bucko