Math     math
    Students will be continuing to use the enVision Math Program in second grade.
    Topics that will be covered this year include:
    • Add and Subtract Within 100-Understand Place Value to 1000
    • Use Place Value and Operation Properties to Add and Subtract
    • Equal groups of objects and measures in standard units-foundations for multiplication
    • Place value and measurement of lengths indirectly and by iterating length units
    • Represent data and reason with shapes and their attributes 



    As educators, we encourage the students to learn through self-discovery and teamwork as we support them in the learning process. Students will be working with many word problems that pertain to real-life situations. The enVisionMath Program is aligned to the Common Core. By using differentiated instruction, we are able to meet all the needs and levels of all students in our classroom.   

    Please remember you can always log on to: www.pearsonrealize.com to access lessons learned in class, practice problems, and test preparation. 
           Science    science
    How much do you know about the world around you? Did you ever wonder why light helps us to see or how we can hear our favorite songs playing from our iPhones? Did you ever think about why it's 40 degrees in January and 90 degrees in August? Well, this year in Science we will be able to answer all those questions and more! 
    Topics that will be covered this year include:
    • Earth Systems: Processes that Shape the Earth
    • Structure and Properties of Matter
    • Independent Realtionships in Ecosystems
    • Engineer Designs: STEM
     Science in second grade requires lots of teamwork and deep thinking!  Through trial and error, students will be able to get many of their questions answered through experimentation. Lessons will be carefully planned with an appropriate balance of inquiry-based, hands-on learning opportunities and engaging content resources.  Technology will be integrated on a daily basis. Students will be required to do some note taking and are asked to always, "Think like a scientist!"
     Social Studies   tea party
    Sailing through social studies, second grade students will enjoy many opportunities to learn about our great country!
    Units of study this year:
    -Rules and Laws of Our Community
    -Black History
    -Wants, Needs, and Resources

    Group and class discussions are thought provoking and respectful celebrations of all members’ opinions. 



                                                   Mrs. Bucko