Science: Carolina Biology - Building Blocks of Science  

    This program was developed as a core curriculum offering an opportunity for students to experience hands-on learning, inquiry-based curriculum. Through a series of lessons, students learn important science content and investigative skills. The unit design fosters cooperative learning and critical thinking as students work in teams and actively discuss their findings, record data, and assess their understanding.

    Units Covered in Grade 5 

    Matter and Energy in Ecosystems 

    Earth and Space System 

    Structure and Properties of Matter 

    Social Studies

    Social Studies: Harcourt Brace, We The People

    This year we will be focusing on the Early United States. We will be studying the Ancient Americans, Explorations/Encounters, Our Colonial Heritage, and The American Revolution. The students will be participating in several hands-on activities that will examine the first Americans, Europeans that settled throughout North America, the Constitution, and immigration. 


    Math: Pearson Realize 

    With rich and engaging content, embedded assessment with instant data, and flexible classroom management tools, Pearsonrealize.com gives students the power to raise interest and achievement for every student. Teachers love using Pearson Math because it offers a large menu of options for students to practice the skill taught that day and challenges students to think like a mathematician. Parents will have access through pearsonrealize to stay up-to-date on what their child is working on and can even brush up on their own skills through educational videos posted on Pearson. 

    Units Covered in Grade 5 

    Topic 1: Understanding Place Value                         

    Topic 2: Add and Subtract Decimals (to Hundredths)                 

    Topic 3: Multiply Multi-Digit Whole Numbers 

    Topic 4: Use Models & Strategies to Multiply Decimals                 

    Topic 5: Use Models & Strategies to Divide Whole Numbers           

    Topic 6: Use Models & Strategies to Divide Decimals 

    Topic 7: Use Equivalent Fraction to Add & Subtract               

    Topic 8: Apply Understanding of Multiplication to Multiply 

    Topic 9: Apply Understanding of Division to Divide Fractions 

    Topic 10: Understand Volume Concepts 

    Topic 11: Convert Measurements 

    Topic 12: Represent & Interpret 

    Topic 13: Algebra: Write & Interpret Numerical Expressions 

    Topic 14: Graph Points on the Coordinate Plane

    Topic 15: Algebra: Analyze Patterns & Relationships 

    Topic 16: Geometric Measurement: Classify Two-Dimensional Figures