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    *Reading (daily):
    Monday through Thursday nights, students are required to...
    1. Read the appropriate amount of time (according to trimester expectations). The book(s) they choose must be on their independent level, but can be any text or genre they choose within that level.
    2. Record their reading on their reading logs. {Click here for a *Printable Reading Log*}
    3. Jot one good thought they had about something in the text as they read.
    *Reader Response Entry (weekly):
    Students will take one of their jots from the week's homework and write a short (few sentences) response to their reading. We're looking for connections, revelations, new ideas, etc. (not a summary). {Click here for a *Printable Reader Response Entry Sheet*}
    *Math (daily):
    Monday through Thursday nights, students will have 5-10 math problems to complete for homework. Usually, we will use the homework page from the math textbook, but some nights we may have other activities. Students in different math groups will normally have different homework. If you need help with math homework, check out the app "Bounce Pages" or visit the Pearson website (see links page for the web address).
    *Words Their Way (3 times per week): 
    Each week, on Monday (or the first day of the school week if there is a holiday), students will bring home a tic-tac-toe board of activities for Words Their Way homework. Students may choose any 3 activities on the board to complete that week with their words. For each completed activity, parents are required to initial or sign the box. I do not collect each activity, so your signature is proof that your child completed that particular activity. Signed boards are due every Friday. 
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