• Welcome to Reading Recovery! 
    Springfield is excited to announce that we will be starting a Reading Recovery Program in our school this year! Reading Recovery is an early intervention for first-grade children.  After rich pre-school and kindergarten experiences some children need an extra boost to help them become successful readers. This would be something extra, in addition to all the reading and writing first grade students get in the classroom. Reading Recovery provides the boost the child needs through individual teaching with a specially trained teacher. The teacher designs a program for each child based on the child's strengths and needs. Reading Recovery is a short term intervention whose goal is to help children make accelerated progress. Reading Recovery provides a 30 minute lesson every day to each child selected for the program. The lesson includes: re-reading familiar books, a check on yesterday's new book, letter and word work, writing stories, a cut-up story, and reading a new book. 
    For more information about Reading Recovery, you can visit their website http://www.readingrecoveryworks.org  or feel free to contact me at snims@springfieldschool.org