• Preschool has Show and Tell every Friday!
    Show and Tell corresponds with our "Letter of the Day." On Fridays, please have your child bring in a toy or an object with their name on the toy. The students will be given the opportunity to show their toy to their peers and talk about what letter that toy begins with. For example, on "B" day, your child can bring in something that begins with the letter "B" such as a ball, a book, a baby doll, or something blue!
    Show and Tell and Letter of the Day dates for the 2019-2020 school year are as follows:

    September 27th - A

    October 4th - B

    October 18th- C

    October 25th - D

    November 1st - E

    November 15th - F

    November 22nd - G

    December 6th - H

    December 13th - I

    January 10th - J

    January 24th - K

    January 31st - L

    February 7th - M

    February 21st - N

    February 28th - O

    March 6th - P

    March 13th - Q

    March 20th - R

    March 27th - S

    April 3rd - T

    April 24th - U

    May 1st - V

    May 8th - W

    May 15th - X

    May 29th - Y

    June 5th - Z