Degrees and Certifications:

Mrs. Weir

I am very happy to be working with the students in Springfield Township.  I started here at Springfield in 2007 as the Music Teacher. Then in 2011 through 2019,  I was fortunate to be able to start working  with  Small Group Instruction  in reading and math. 


I received my degree in Music Education from Glassboro State College.  After college, I married and began teaching private piano until 1989 when I began teaching music in various elementary schools in the area. Feeling the need to grow, I worked on and completed a masters degree in Literacy in 2011.  Two years ago I was asked to return to teaching Music here at Springfield.  

Delran was the home of the Weir Family from 1985 until 2016 when I moved to Cinnaminson.  My children range in age from 41 to 25 years. One of my goals as a parent is to see all of my children succeed and receive their Bachelors degree.  The Weir family is there!!! All of my children Tim, Bob, Jen, Eileen and Kevin  are all successful in their careers.  I am very proud to say that my son, Kevin, is a Marine Reservist.  

And I am happy to say that I am  a grandmother to three beautiful granddaughters, Natalie, Allison and Elena. Natalie (7)  and Allison (6)  are the daughters of my son, Bob and his wife, Julie.   Elena (2 ½) is the daughter of Eileen and her husband, Kevin.  They are expecting another daughter in October!!  That will make 4 granddaughters for Mrs. Weir!!!  

Another wedding is in store for the Weir family.  Kevin and his fiance, Erin, will marry on October 2nd.  

It is privilege to work with the students here in Springfield Township.  I feel that My job is to help all the students become the best they can be.