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    Homework/Friday Folders: Your child will receive Reading, Math, and Fundations homework Monday thru Thursday. Math will be sent home each night and needs to be returned the next day.  Reading and Fundations homework will be sent home on Monday in their green Friday Folder.  Students will choose one book to read for HW for the entire week. This will help build stamina, fluency, and comprehension. The completed reading log and Fundations packet is due on Friday.  Homework serves to enrich and reinforce what we have learned in school that day.  Please help your child to develop good work habits by establishing a quiet place for the completion of homework. 

    Take-home Folders: Your child’s Blue Springfield folder is to go home each day and should be checked each night by a parent/guardian. Please remove any papers on the Leave Home side daily to help keep your child organized. Completed homework, lunch money, and notes to the teacher or school must be sent into school in the take home folder. I will check this each morning.

    Attendance: Students should be in the classroom by 8:45 each morning or they are marked late. If your child is absent, on the day they return they must have a note stating the date and reason they were absent.

    Dismissal: If your child's regular dismissal routine is being changed, you must send in a note. Without a note they will be dismissed as usual.

    Money: When money is needed to be sent in, please make sure it is placed in a sealed envelope. On the envelope, please mark your child's name, the amount enclosed, and its purpose ( picture money, lunch, book fair, etc.) This will save time, and ensure no money is lost.

    Communication: The best way to reach me is through email, atraino@springfieldschool.org, or the Remind App.  Please feel free to contact me at any time if there is a question or situation you would like to discuss.  I feel as though open lines of communication between the parent, student, and teacher are the key to promoting an educational climate that is conducive to learning. I will be using the Remind App to send out reminders for upcoming events.

    Birthday Treats: Your child’s birthday is a special day and we look forward to celebrating it in class with a special recognition! Students can bring in a pre-packaged snack or you may purchase a birthday treat through the cafeteria for the entire class. We have 19 students in total. The students will be able to enjoy their treat during their lunch period. If you purchase a snack through the cafeteria, please complete and return the form (provided on the school website) at least 2 weeks in advance.