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  • 1st Grade Art


    Week 1- 3/16/20


    1.  Open the google doc named basic/organic shapes.  On a piece of paper practice drawing the basic and organic shapes that you see.  


    1. Open the google doc named Picture Shape Example.  Use this as a guide to draw an object with just basic and organic shapes onto a piece of paper.  It can be any object such as food, toys, a character, etc. shapes like the given example. If you have coloring utensils, color your picture!

  • 1st Grade art


    Week 2- 3/23/20


    1.  Think about your basic and organic shapes from last week.  Today you will be creating a bunny picture for Easter using basic shapes and organic shapes.  


    1.  Open the google doc named Bunny Picture Example. You will use this as a guide to create your own picture.  On a piece of paper you will draw a bunny using basic and organic shapes.  You can use whatever shapes you want and can also repeat shapes. After your bunny is drawn you will need to give them a home.  Draw a home for your bunny. Will they live in a little cave, next to a bush, near a tree? Draw a place for your bunny to live.  If you have coloring utensils at home, color your picture. Be creative!
  • Week 3-3/30/20


    1.  Open up the google doc about self portraits done by Famous Artists.  View the pictures that these artists painted of themselves.  


    2.  On a piece of paper, I want you to draw a self portrait.  Draw your face, eyes, nose, mouth, ears, and hair.  If you have any coloring utensils, you can color in your face.  Once you are done, please put your name and date on the top of the paper and bring it to school upon our return in April.

  • Week 4-4/6/20


    1.  Open the google doc Shirt Patterns.  View the shirts and the various patterns.  The patterns on each shirt shows repetition( the repeating of shapes and lines.)


    2.  Imagine you are a fashion designer and you need to come up with 2 patterns to help design your shirt.  Click on the google doc shirt pattern example to view the project.


    3.  On a piece of paper, draw the shape of a t-shirt and then draw lines up and down, and left and right, onto your t-shirt to make squares.  In those squares, you will alternate each pattern to complete the design of your shirt.

    4.  If you have colored utensils, please color your shirt in.  Once finished put your name and date at the top and bring your paper to school upon our return in April.