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Mathematics is the symbolic language of thinking and prepares students for all other curriculum content.  It represents the most international of all curriculum areas and influences not only students’ ability to problem solve in a mathematical context but also in every area of personal and civil life. Springfield Township School recognizes the importance of mathematics and believes that students of all ages can and should develop positive mathematical identities and attitudes, as they become powerful math learners.  The instructional goal of the mathematics program is to promote an understanding of mathematical concepts so that students can apply their skills and knowledge to novel problems and situations.  In so doing the program challenges students to attack all problems in a reasoned and logical manner.  Computational skills and the ability to choose and apply abstract algorithms to problem solving are important components of the program.  In order for students to successfully meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards for Mathematics they must develop a strong number sense in order to conceptually understand why algorithms work and to recognize and appreciate the elegance with which equations can represent mathematical thinking.