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Today’s challenges are complex, have global implications, and are connected to people, places, and events of the past. The study of social studies focuses on deep understanding of concepts that enable students to think critically and systematically about local, regional, national, and global issues. Authentic learning experiences that enable students to apply content knowledge, develop social studies skills, and collaborate with students from around the world prepare New Jersey students for college, careers, and civic life. The natural integration of technology in social studies education allows students to overcome geographic borders, apply scientific and mathematical analysis to historical questions and contemporary issues, appreciate cultural diversity, and experience events through the examination of primary sources.

The program that is primarily utilized by Springfield Township School's social studies teachers is myWorld Interactive. This program is an active-inquiry, student-centered social studies curricula that spans civics, economics, geography, and history, and features ELA instruction to support social studies inquiry and new literacy and Career, and Civic Life (C3) Framework for Social Studies standards.