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Spanish Curriculum

Springfield Township Spanish Curriculum


Español Units of Study



First Grade

Second Grade

·         All About Me

·         Life in Mexico

·         Days on the Farm

·         Family in Mexico

·         Our School

·         My Daily Routine

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

·         Our Community

·         Holidays in Mexico

·         We are What We Eat

·         La Comida en Mexico

(Food in Mexico)

·         Let’s Go Clothes Shopping

·         A Trip to Mexico

Sixth Grade

·         Where are We Going?

·         Families in Mexico and The United States

·         Culture in Hispanic Countries

·         Friends Around the World

The knowledge of a foreign language is a universal tool that opens gateways to human understanding and presents a new approach to dealing with everyday realities of life. The study of a foreign language and the culture for which it is the vehicle sensitizes students to the reality of cultural differences and similarities. Thus, a full and rich experience in the learning of a foreign language develops understanding of and appreciation for people of differing cultures.

We believe that the study of a foreign language plays an essential role in the intellectual development and total enrichment of the individual. Furthermore, foreign language study contributes to the fulfillment of academic, vocational and/or personal goals.

Consequently, students should be provided the means to pursue foreign language study to the extent that their interests and abilities permit. An effective world language curriculum recognizes individual differences in learning patterns and abilities and tailors courses to students with diverse needs and interests. Thus, we endeavor to provide a comprehensive and coordinated Spanish Curriculum that is a rewarding and satisfying experience for each learner.