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Technology Curriculum

Technology Curriculum



Our mission is to teach our students to be technologically literate. Our students need these skills to be 21st century learners and to be successful in their future endeavors. All students engage in technology education in computer labs and in their classrooms. Their tools include interactive whiteboards in classrooms and in computer labs, several computers in classrooms, other assistive technology, and a computer for each student to use in the computer labs.


According to the New Jersey Department of Education “all students must understand and be comfortable with the concepts and applications of technology.” Our vision is for students who complete our curriculum to understand technology, be able to use technology effectively and efficiently, and to use technology as a tool for learning.

Technology Integration:

Recognizing that technology is multi-disciplinary by nature and has applications in any environment, our curriculum seeks to promote academic success by embedding technology tools and applications into the teaching and learning process rather than attempting to teach skills in isolation. This will enable all students including those who are English Language Learners and those who have special needs to develop technology skills in a wide-range of contexts while simultaneously strengthening understanding of essential academic knowledge and skills. This real-world approach allows classroom teachers to enhance the learning process, enrich the academic experience, and bestow students with the skills necessary to succeed throughout life. Students become active participants in the learning process and learn to efficiently access, explore, apply, and synthesize information in our digital world.