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Speech Referral Process

If there is a suspected delay observed in a child's speech (articulation of speech sounds, vocal quality, fluency of speech) or language (expressive/receptive, pragmatics), a parent may submit a speech referral in writing to the speech & language specialist. The specialist then reviews the referral with the classroom teacher and schedules a time to informally observe the child's speech development.     
What to expect following a speech referral:  
  • Step 1 - Initial Evaluation Meeting: After a speech referral has been handed in to the speech & language specialist, the therapist has (20) calendar days to schedule an initial evaluation planning meeting with you and your child’s teacher. At this meeting there will be a discussion regarding an evaluation for your child for speech therapy within the school. Once it is determined that assessments are necessary, an initial evaluation plan is developed and the parent/guardian gives written permission. The district then has ninety (90) days to complete the necessary evaluations.  
  • Step 2 - Evaluation: If evaluation is warranted and parental consent is issued,  the child's hearing and vision will first be screened by the school nurse. The speech language specialist will then select and administer an appropriate assessment. An oral motor examination will also be conducted in order to assess the child's speech structure to identify any structural, oral-motor, or sensory deviations that might explain the presenting speech disorder.
  • Step 3 - Eligibility Conference: Within the ninety (90) days, an Eligibility Conference is scheduled which includes the parent/guardian, teacher, and speech & language specialist. During this meeting, the evaluations are interpreted and it is determined whether your child is eligible for speech services. If it is determined that your child is eligible for speech services, an Individualized Education Program (IEP) will be established.

All of this information(and more) can be found in the PRISE booklet given to you at your initial speech planning meeting.
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