• welcome
    Hi there friends! Welcome to Mrs. Pine's Kindergarten Class!  Here are some things to talk about with your child and activites to do at home!
    Ask your child...
    ...to show you how he/she adds feelings to the first page of a story. 
    ...to show you how he/she adds a closing sentence to a story. 
    ...to show you how he/she writes a story with "who & where" on the first page and "what happened" on the second page. 
    ...to show you how he/she includes spaghetti and meatballs in his/her stories.  
    ...about our freeze signals.
    ...to show you how to draw mat man.
    ...to tell you who Echo is and what we do with him.
    ...to tell you the names of our writing lines. 
    ...to write her/his name.
    ...to tell you how to make illustrations that POP!
    ...to show you how to draw speech or think bubbles like Mo!    
    ...what book he/she wants to read with you. Borrow books from the public library to read together at home.
    ...to show you how to read pictures to tell a story.
    ...to show you how we clap out syllables or word parts in words. 
    ...to tell you something that rhymes with cat, then hop. Continue to play the rhyming game!
    ...to tell you about our "Super Power Reading Strategies".
    ...to show you how we "tap out" tricky words.  
     ...to create a picture. Give him/her crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, paper, and magazines or circulars. Cut out pictures and glue them on paper. 
    ..to draw a picture of himself/herself.
    ...to show you how to add labels to an illustration. 
    ...to do something for you. Give your child one-step directions to follow. Once your child can easily follow one step directions, give him/her two-step directions.
    ...to make AB, AAB, ABB, AABB, ABC patterns.
    ...to show you how we scoop and count objects.
    ...to count by 1's. See how high he/she can go!
    ...to show you how to add groups using the words part, part, whole.
    ...to show you how to subtract groups using the words whole, part, part.
    ...to write numbers.
    ...to count by 10's up to 100. 
    ...to show you how he/she can add or subtract using mental math.
    ...to show you how many different ways they can show a number.  
    ...some questions. Build his/her vocabulary with everyday conversation. Discuss your daily routines, interesting experiences, and feelings. Listen to what he/she says and gently correct when necessary.
    ...to tell you all about the caterpillars/butterflies that we watched grow, change, then released.
    ...to sing our Butterfly song to you!  
     ...to show you how he/she can button, zip, or snap things. 
    ...to count down the days until the first day of Kindergarten!
    ...to sing our Good-bye song to you!  
    ...to sing one of our End of the Year Celebration songs to you! 
    I'm looking forward to another exciting year in Kindergarten!