• welcome
    Hi there friends! Welcome to Mrs. Pine's Kindergarten Class!  Here are some things to talk about with your child and activites to do at home!
    Ask your child...
    ...to read a story then retell it.
    ...to tell you the name of the poems and books that we read.
    ...to show you how we partner read, choral read, and echo read.
    ...to tell you the three ways we know how to read. 
    ...to show you how we visualize as we read. 
    ...to explain to you the meaning of "building stamina".
    ...to explain to you who is "Benny Books". 
    ...what book he/she wants to read with you.  Visit the public library for story hour.  Borrow books from the library to read together at home.
    ...to tell you something that rhymes with cat, then hop. Continue to play the rhyming game! 
    ...to show you how we clap out syllables in words. 
    ...to show you how to tap out letter sounds to form words. 
     ...to create a picture. Give him/her crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, paper, and magazines or circulars. Cut out pictures and glue them on paper. 
    ...to write a story and include who, where, what happened and feelings. 
    ...to write his/her name. 
    ...to draw a picture of him/herself. 
    ...to show you how we add labels in our illustrations.
    ...to show you how we say the words s-l-o-w-l-y and write down the sounds that we hear. 
    ...to show you how we write a story including who, where, and what happened.
    ...to show you how we add feelings in a story. 
    ...to do something for you. Give your child one-step directions to follow. Once your child can easily follow one step directions, give him/her two-step directions.
    ...to count on from any number besides the number one. 
    ...to count up to 10, 20, 30 or even higher!
    ...to name and describe 3D shapes. 
    ...to name the flat or 2D shapes. 
    ...to show you how we scoop and count objects.
    ...to show you how we touch and count objects.
    ...to tell you how we use a five frame or ten frame.
    ...to tell you how we build ten sticks with connecting cubes.
    ...to show you how we use the "cross-off" strategy. 
    ...to count by 10's up to 100.
    ...to tell you some ways to solve addition equations.
    ...to tell you some ways to solve subtraction equations.  
    ...some questions. Build his/her vocabulary with everyday conversation. Discuss your daily routines, interesting experiences, and feelings. Listen to what he/she says and gently correct when necessary.
     ...to show you how he/she can button, zip, or snap things. 
    ...to explain to you what is a Herbivore, Carnivore, and an Omnivore. 
    ...to explain to you what is a habitat and to tell you the names of different kinds of habitats. 
    ...to explain the life cycle of a butterfly.
    ...to explain the life cycle of a ladybug.
    ...to explain the life cycle of a frog.
    ...to tell you where we released our ladybugs and why in that area.  
    I'm looking forward to another exciting year in Kindergarten!