• welcome
    Hi there friends! Welcome to Mrs. Pine's Kindergarten Class!  Here are some things to talk about with your child and activites to do at home!
    Ask your child...
    ...about our butterflies!
    ...about our frogs that are in our classroom.
    ...about the tadpoles that are in our classroom.
    ...to read all of the POPCORN words that he/she learned.  
    ...about the class book we are working on. 
    ...to tell you what type of plants we planted in our school garden.
    ...to tell you what type of plants we have growing in our classroom.
    ...to tell you what type of animals we have growing in our classroom. 
    ...to tell you how animals change their environment.
    ...to tell you how humans change their environment. 
    ...what kind of changes can humans make in order to save our natural resources.  
    ...to clap out syllables or word parts.
    ...to tell you what rhymes with frog, hat, beet, hop... 
    ...to tell you what he/she knows about Herbivores, Carnivores, Omnivores!
    ...to tell you why Carnivores only eat meat.
    ...to tell you why Herbivores only eat plants.
    ...to explain to you what happened to our plants that didn't receive any water. Ask why?
    ...to explain to you what happened to our plants that didn't receive any light.   Ask why?  
    ...to draw a story and add labels to it.
    ...to tell you what needs to be in a story (who, where, what happened, and feelings).
    ...to show you what needs to go on the first page of a personal narrative.   
    ...to draw an illustration that POPS! 
    ...to show you how he/she can add "speech bubbles" to an illustration. 
    ...to show you how he/she writes a story that includes "who, where, feelings, what happened and feelings again!"   
    ...to tell you what he/she is an expert at doing. Have your child show you how to do it and then write a How-to book about it! 
    ...to show you how to read the pictures in a text.
    ...to write the word pan, then change it to plan, then change it to Stan.
    ...to read a story to you and then retell it!  
    ...to tell you the three ways he/she can read a text.
    ...to tell you about his/her "Super Power Reading Strategies!" 
    ...to tell you about the "Sneaky Silent e"
    ...to show you how to read a word when two vowels go walking. 
    ...to show you how to scoop and count. Then touch and count. 
    ...to show you how he/she writes numbers.
    ...to tell you about the robots we made out of shapes. 
    ...to solve some riddles with 2D or 3D shapes. 
    ...to tell you how and why he/she crosses off while counting.
    ...tell you what he/she did in Creator LAB!
    ...to count for you by 10's, 1's up to 100 or even higher! 
    ...to explain to you what a five-frame/ten frame is and how to use it. 
    ...to show you how he/she adds or subtracts and writes equations to show it. 
    ...to explain how he/she knows that a group is greater/less than another group. 
    ...to describe 2D shapes or flat shapes, using the words sides, vertices. 
    ...to describe 3D shapes or solid shapes, using the words edges, vertices, and flat faces. 
    ...to tell you if the solid shape rolls, slides, and/or  stacks.
    ...to show you something that looks like a cube, cone, cylinder, sphere.
    ...to tell you what kind of creature he/she made out of fruits and veggies. 
    ...what book he/she wants to read with you.  Visit the public library for story hour.  Borrow books from the library to read together at home.  
     ...to create a picture. Give him/her crayons, colored pencils, glue, scissors, paper, and magazines or circulars. Have him/her write their name, draw pictures, cut out pictures, and glue them on paper. 
    ...to do something for you. Give your child one-step directions to follow. Once your child can easily follow one step directions, give him/her two-step directions. 
    ...some questions. Build his/her vocabulary with everyday conversation. Discuss your daily routines, interesting experiences, and feelings. Listen to what he/she says and gently correct when necessary.
     ...to show you how he/she can button, zip, or snap things. 
    I'm looking forward to another exciting year in Kindergarten!