• Hello Everyone!

    We hope you are staying safe and healthy. Miss Willever and I miss our students so much and would like to check-in with them again on Friday, March 27, 2020 through a Google Meet.  We will meet at 11 am. The invitation link to join the meeting will be posted in our Science Google Classroom. Please be sure to click on the mute button when you join. We will instruct the students when to mute and unmute. We know some of you may not be available or able to attend, but if you are, please join! 

    Please continue to reach out through Remind or email if you have any questions. I will be able to respond to you quicker through Remind as it goes directly to my phone. As this is a long stretch without school, we will continue to look, plan, and post different activities you can choose to do to help continue the learning for your child. Thank you for your patience and let’s get through this together.

    Thank you,

    Mrs. Traino and Miss Willever

    Week of March 23, 2020 

    Reading: Check your Reading Classroom daily. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday you will have assignments through Bookflix. https://bookflix.digital.scholastic.com/home?authCtx=U.794217314

    Bookflix username: bookflix46  password: blue

    Tues./Thurs.: Miss Willever will post a mini-lesson for you to view and follow-up with an activity.

    Writing: We are enjoying reading your writing prompts. Please continue to respond to the daily writing prompts. Remember to read the directions carefully and submit your document by clicking the "Turn-in" button in the top corner.  Thank you.

    Math: We are beginning a new chapter on Measurement. Continue to view your assignments daily. You are only required to view the learning video and only submit your Quick Check for that lesson each day. The practice pages are optional. You do not need to submit or Turn-in practice pages

    Please refer to Brainpop Jr. as an additional resource. https://jr.brainpop.com/ 

    Log-in info.  Username: springfieldtown   Password: brainpop

    Please spend at least 20 minutes on one of the following sites daily to review all math skills:  

    Study Island



    Happy Numbers

    WTW: These assignments will continue as usual. Sorts will be posted along with sight words and Tic-Tac-Toe board.  Please continue to choose three activities and submit your completed assignments to us by Friday. Remember to click “Turn-In” for your work to be submitted.

    Science:  Please be sure to check for your assignment in Google Classroom Science. Read the instructions carefully. Science assignments will be due Friday.

    GoNoodle: Please remember to get up and move and give yourself brain breaks in between subjects! Go to gonoodle.com 

    Please make sure you are connected in Google Classroom with these codes: 

    Math: y6yqg7y
    Reading: 5frinye
    Writing: 325cbeu
    WTW: o5gvljc
    Science: 2rddqd6
    Art: 5quvo7a
    Music: 3ondsxy

    If your child receives speech services, please be sure to join Mrs. McNally's classroom with code:ov2f4mg

    Please follow the daily schedule below. Please note special areas change daily.

    8:50-9:00 AM Homeroom

    9:05-9:30 Period 1- Specials

    (Mon.- Music, Tues.- Art. Wed.- Spanish & Gym, Thurs. - Gym, Fri.-Media)

    9:35-10:00 Period 2- Science

    10:05-10:30 Period 3- Science

    10:35-11:00 Period 4- Lunch/Recess

    11:00-11:15 Mid-Day Transition Period

    11:15-11:40 Period 5- Reading/Writing

    11:45-12:10 Period 6- Reading/Writing

    12:15-12:40 Period 7- Math

    12:45-1:10 Period 8- Math

    1:10-1:20 PM Homeroom