Springfield Township School District Goals


    2022-2023 District Goals 

    The Springfield Township School District is committed to collaborating with the local, county and state Board of Education, staff, students, parents, and community in the goal of creating a caring and positive environment that encourages students to develop their potential in academic, physical, social, and emotional aspects. 

    Every day we strive to:

    1. Increase achievement by challenging and supporting students to reach their highest potential.

    2. Address the needs of the whole child by ensuring students feel healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged, with opportunities for social/emotional learning and growth.

    3. Prepare students with the skills, awareness, and desire to actively contribute as productive citizens, locally and beyond.  

    4. Provide professional staff with the knowledge, skills, and resources necessary for highly effective delivery of instruction and services.

    Core Goals For Our School District  *Ongoing, long-term goals


    Core Goal 1

    Through the use of data, maintain a consistent, school-wide approach to ensure we:

    • support the foundational literacy and mathematics skills of students;

    • identify students needing additional supports that will build on their strengths and target areas of need to ensure academic success while closing achievement gaps; and

    • Identify and provide for students who are academically ready for more rigorous curricular opportunities and engagements.   

    Core Goal 2

    Build upon a collaborative environment among educational stakeholders - Board of Education members, administration, faculty, staff, and parents/guardians - to ensure students: 

    • are functional, skilled readers by third grade; and 

    • transition from Springfield Elementary School with the necessary knowledge and skills to excel at the middle school level. 

    Core Goal 3

    Provide a learning environment for students and staff that: 

    • exceeds standards for safety and security; 

    • cultivates the development of social-emotional learning skills essential for success in aspects of learning and living; and 

    • values high-quality professional development aligned with the district mission statement.


    Core Goal 4

    Foster a strategic, forward-thinking mindset in which students are provided with: 

    • enrichment opportunities beyond the traditional curriculum and classroom; 

    • instructional technology that fosters collaboration and expanded thinking; and 

    • activities aligned with career readiness, life literacies, and 21st century skills. 


    Focus Goal Areas for 2022-23  

    *Focus Goal: one-year goal to establish priorities and to define specific action with measurable objectives.

    Focus Goal 1

    • Establish a framework for the implementation of a Response to Intervention program in order to ensure a proactive approach is used to identify the academic needs of all Kindergarten through Grade Six students.  By the conclusion of the 2022-2023 school year the district will have provided professional development on differentiated instructional techniques and strategies for all faculty, appropriately reviewed and selected a universal screening tool for reading and mathematics, implemented a master schedule that allows for increased opportunities to provide appropriate levels of support for all students, and developed a process for the review and interpretation of data to determine student progress and action steps.    

    Focus Goal 2

    • Continue to enhance instruction focused on reading fluency, comprehension, and word knowledge/vocabulary to ensure that by the end of the 2022-23 school year all K-6 students meet one of the following Fountas & Pinnell text level gradient *criteria:   

      • meet or exceed grade level instructional reading expectations; or,

      • attain growth of at least two levels from their Fall 2022 benchmark; or, 

      • 80% of grades 2 - 6 students who did not meet grade level expectations at the conclusion of the 2021-22 school year will demonstrate that they have closed the disparity gap (i.e. a student who was five levels behind grade level expectations in June 2022 will be four or fewer levels behind by June 2023).  

    *for students with Individualized Education Plans where instruction does not align with the Fountas & Pinnell gradient, specific personalized goals & targets will be developed by faculty in consultation with administration to ensure growth

    Specific actions will be taken to bolster the integration of reading and writing through the full implementation of, and related professional development for, Units of Study for Teaching Reading made available by the Columbia University Teachers College Reading & Writing Project.   

    Focus Goal 3

    • Implement a multi-tiered system of supports that fosters positive behavioral norms for all students during all aspects of the school day, including while on school buses and during educational off-site activities.  Attainment of this goal will include the development of a school-based student behavior support team, continued professional development for all staff on the utilization of positive behavior supports, and the facilitation of resources for caregivers that assist with addressing topics related to child growth and development.

    Focus Goal 4

    • District administration will continue to ensure enrichment opportunities are provided for students with an emphasis on activities aligned with the visual and performing arts, STEAM education, and metacognition.  As a result of this goal students in grades 3-6 will be provided with a minimum of four (4) opportunities to engage in activities - facilitated by district staff and/or contracted service providers - that promote the expansion of learning beyond the traditional curriculum, and students in grades 5 & 6 who meet eligibility criteria for Gifted & Talented programming will be provided with documented opportunities for content specific accelerated and/or advanced coursework.       

    Progress updates related to core and focus goals will be provided throughout the year.

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