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Keyboarding Practice Activities

Typing Club

Free website for keyboarding practice.

Fifth and Sixth Grade Typing Club

Practice your typing skills on the same program used in the Computer Lab. 

Dance Mat Typing

A fun way to practice typing. There are four levels to play, each divided into three stages.

Cup Stack Keyboarding

Cup Stack Keyboarding is a fun game for children to practice typing quickly. Stack and un-stack the cups by typing the keyboard characters on them. 

Keyboard Zoo

This keyboarding site works best for younger children; kindergarten and first grade

Type Racer

You can improve your speed on this site by entering typing races with your friends or others from around the globe.  If you are motivated by fun and competition then this is the site for you.

Sense-Lang's Balloon Game

Once you get the basics down, this game is great for teaching you how to type without looking at the keyboard.

Typing Web

A free online typing tutor and keyboarding tutorial for typists of all skill levels.  Typing Web includes entertaining typing games, typing tests, and free official typing certification.  It allows you to choose to learn in several different languages and if desired you can earn an official typing certification.  However, you must register if you want to  track your progress.

Free Typing Game

Keyboarding practice and games.